SC Shekar

Daw Tan Kyi (82) smokes a homemade cerut in her village, 400km north of Yangon.

Malaysian photographer SC Shekar is renowned for his portraiture and ethnographic images, which he has been exhibiting since 1985.

He began his career as a photojournalist and has travelled extensively throughout Asia, focusing mostly on Southeast Asian communities. He recently finished an extensive photographic series on Myanmar after visiting the country many times during the past decade. These images will be published in a new book later in 2013.

Shekar was also commissioned by the Indian government to document Emerging India in a series of photographs which are now being displayed at Indian Consulates and High Commissions around the world.

His work has been featured in many international publications and books including Our Land Within: Journeys through South-east Asian Communities, Daughters Of Asia (2002), Gilding The Lily: Everyday Portraits of Malaysian Women (2007) and Raising Land: The Way of Land & Life in Sarawak (2013).