Rio Helmi


Participants in a temple ceremony enter a trance as they carry palanquins decorated with symbols of the gods, Paksebali, Bali.

Indonesian photographer Rio Helmi, who has been photographing Asia and writing since 1978, is best known for his documentary work on different cultures and peoples.

Rio’s work has been featured in international magazines and documentaries and more than 20 large format photographic books. These include his books River of Gems – A Borneo Journal (1991), Bali Style, and his latest, Memories of the Sacred (2010).

Rio has been based in Bali for more than three decades and is fluent in five languages. He writes in Indonesian and English, and also blogs extensively on a wide range of topics for the Huffington Post. Currently affiliated with Getty Images, he has exhibited worldwide and also has a gallery in Ubud.

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