Michael Freeman

Salt pans on the gorge of the Mekong, Tibet, 2009.

In a long and decorated career, photographer and author Michael Freeman has concentrated principally on documentary travel reportage.

Freeman has been published in all major publications worldwide, including Time-Life and GEO, and has had an enduring 30-year relationship with the Smithsonian magazine, for whom he has shot more than 40 stories worldwide.

Freeman has also published 120 books, with more than two million copies sold. Much of his work has focused on Asia, beginning in the early days with Thailand, before expanding through other Southeast Asian countries, including Cambodia.

He has published several books on Angkor and other Khmer sites.

Freeman has also spent several years photographing across Japan and, more recently, in China. His latest book of documentary reportage is Tea Horse Road (2011), which covers the ancient trade route from Yunnan to Tibet.

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