Gilles Sabrié


An enthusiastic reveller at a hip-hop concert in Yangon, 2011.

Gilles Sabrié is an independent photographer based in Beijing. After years working in television, he switched careers to embrace his true passion, documentary photography.

Since then, he particularly focused on documenting social changes in China. In recent years, Sabrié has turned his attention to Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Mongolia, where he focuses on the social challenges brought by rapid development.

He has produced several widely published stories such as 175 Meters, about the Three Gorges Dam, and The Travelling Opera, a traditional opera troupe in Shanxi.

Sabrié has been published in many publications worldwide including The New York Times, Le Monde, Newsweek, Time, GEO, Le Figaro Magazine, Focus and L’Espresso. He is a major contributor to important photographic books.

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